Is the problem in the straw?

   By Joaquim B. de Souza, Editor
  Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 15:35 
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O problema está no canudinho?
Image: NJ/Is the problem in the straw?

The lack of awareness and environmental education makes some hilarious decisions of public power come to the surface - the straw!

Some city halls and city councils have created laws forbidding the use of drinking straws in bars and restaurants because they contaminate the environment. Are you sure? When public managers fail in their administrations omitting environmental awareness campaigns, they put the blame on the straw!

The world revolves around plastic! What is needed is to make the population aware of the importance of recycling. Recycling is not just the uniformed gari's role. It belongs to everyone!

In some cities campaigns and recycling models are on the right path, but the population ... When we see children correcting their parents by throwing plastics on the ground, there is a hope for a better world. But when the son throws trash on the floor and the parents do not say anything, the certainty is that something is wrong in this education.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, the decomposition of the materials in the nature demands certain time, which are classified like:

Paper - from 3 to 6 months;

Fabrics - from 6 months to 1 year;

Metal - More than 100 years;

Aluminum - more than 200 years;

Plastic - more than 400 years;

Glass - more than 1000 years.

According to information available on, "one-third of household waste is made up of packaging. About 80% of packaging is discarded after being used only once!

Now, what can be good or bad public management? "As not all of them go to recycling, this volume helps to overburden landfills and dumps, requiring new areas to dispose of the garbage we generate," says the Ministry of Environment. With educational recycling campaign it is certain that this filing of problems would reduce considerably.

So do not just blame the straw, do more for your counties! In conclusion, according to technicians, "all this impact could be reduced or eliminated, basically by reducing unnecessary consumption and correct separation and disposal of waste."

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