Daylight Saving Time, the love and hate relationship ends this Sunday

   Por Joaquim B. de Souza, Editor
  Friday, 15/02/2019, 14h00 
  Source:  JB Treinamento / Translated  by Boogle
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Horário de verão termina neste domingo (17)
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Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday (17)

Hated by many and adored by others, Brazilian  Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday. The clock should be delayed by one hour.

Implemented in the South, Southeast and Midwest of the country, the measure affects residents of ten states and the Federal District, who will have to change their clocks again. That is, at 0h on Sunday, the clocks should come back at 11:00 p.m. Therefore, this Saturday will have an hour more.  

According to information in the major communication networks, the telephone operators will change automatically, but it is important to check. Perhaps, according to the settings of your mobile phone this change may not occur.  

The objective, according to the government, is to "take advantage of the most extensive days of the season in the most remote places of the Ecuadorian line. With this, we seek to save electricity at peak times ". However, for many, it's all about flushing that only causes disorder in their biological clocks.  

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