Writing and Editing Commercial Texts

   Por Joaquim B. de Souza, Editor
  Thursday, 07/02/2019, 09h00 
  Source:  JB Treinamento / Translated  by Boogle
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"In a way, we are all sellers. The truth is that whether or not we are always selling something: a product, a service, an idea and, by selling, we are exposing our friendship, sympathy, honesty, sincerity, respect, even our authority as a salesman, "from the book Enchanting Clients, the Pedagogy of Sales.

"Man is a social being, that is, a being who lives in community, together with other men. He thus has a natural need to communicate." Undoubtedly, communication, that is, the exchange of messages between two or more persons or groups, has been, since the origin of man, the main responsible for the evolution and improvement of human society, Mauro Ferreira, of the book Commercial Writing and Administrative.

This book will not specifically address sales of physical products, but the efficiency of communication through commercial writing, standardized, impersonal, and standardized, between public and private agencies. A correspondence riddled with errors, without grammatical correction, without formality, without uniformity, with non-ABNT formatting, tends to contribute to the writer's fiasco, the issuer, which is worse, negotiation. It is unacceptable in the 21st Century, when modern technologies and tools for creating, editing and documenting, with spell checkers and translators, are still in short supply.

Therefore, a good writing for any company must first of all arouse the attention and interest of the reader, it must contaminate its spirit with what we call the will, because the will attracts opportunities and the opportunities can turn into achievements and growth.

Commercial communication is a basic necessity of the interpersonal relationship, constituting the way by which the standards of its knowledge are transmitted: politeness and seriousness. For the labor relations demand special care with the written form of their ideas and interests to establish the relationship between the companies.

The texts constitute the materialized expression of communication, it is the record of negotiation, therefore it must obey rules and norms, because with them is understood the responsibility of each is great, does not give space for errors, sloppiness.

To conclude this presentation, we can affirm that through the various types of commercial writing, many transactions between companies, clients, suppliers and public and private departments are initiated, maintained and finalized.

Good studies!

Joaquim B. de Souza - editor

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